plastic surgery

Under the Knife

I have a small bra size!

I want bigger lips!

I want to get rid of my stomach fat!

We all have something we don’t like about our body but are you willing to go as far as plastic surgery?

How young is too young?

Well, it has been researched that the reasons why adults want surgery and why teens want surgery are quite different. Adults mainly have plastic surgery to look more attractive, whereas teens who want plastic surgery seek to look “normal”.

Did you know that the most common underage surgery is Rhinoplasty (nose surgery)? However, most surgeons are not prepared to take the risk. This shows us that at a young age, it’s not the best option to go under the knife. Your body is still growing and changing. So you should wait a few years, until your body is fully developed (no surprise changes), and only then make your decision.

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