Uganda’s Comfort Dog Project

Many countries have shelter and adoption systems for stray dogs (dogs with no home) – the dogs are collected from the streets and put in dog shelters until people come and decide to adopt them.

In Uganda, you can find a different way – dogs are collected from the streets and given to people who need them. I am talking about Uganda’s Comfort Dog Project that takes stray dogs and transforms them into healing therapy animals for former soldiers and survivors of war.

Filda Akumu grew up in Uganda during the war years the country had; therefore, she had PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Filda was given a dog through the project and when she talks about him, her eyes sparkle: “His name is Lok Oroma. When I got him, I was taught how to deal with my emotions. When I feel bad, I call him, start rubbing his back and then I feel better.”

Francis, the founder of the project, realized the healing potential that dogs have when two stray dogs helped him as a child. Francis needed help because he is blind. The dogs would guide him to and from school as a child. “I feel dogs can help people gain confidence, overcome sadness and give them company,” he says.

Now, Filda educates people about dog training, animal rights and welfare. “When I begin to talk, and Lok Oroma is near me, he gives me the strength and courage to start talking. I really had a difficult life, but with Lok Oroma, now that has changed, It’s easy. This dog saved my life.”

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