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Top 5 Beach Hacks

Top 5 Beach Hacks

We all have worries at the beach. We try to keep an eye on our personal items when we are in the water in case a thief takes something. We worry about getting sunburned instead of tanned, and there are endless other worries that it’s time to put a rest to. I am going to give you the top 5 beach hacks that will make your time at the beach a relaxing one.


Mobile phones are something that everyone obsesses over at the beach; making sure they don’t get wet or sandy. Well, it might seem too simple to be true but, put your phone in a resealable plastic bag (like a sandwich bag) and your phone will stay sand free and protected from water. The best thing is that you won’t need to take it out; your touchscreen will still work through the bag. Genius!

Cool Those Burns

Sunburned or tanned? Well, we all prefer to get tanned, but sometimes getting sunburned is inevitable. So make sure to fill your ice cube holder at home with Aloe Vera just in case. So that when you get home, you can rub some over your body to cool those nasty burns down. Even if you don’t get burnt, your body is still overheated from the beach, so it’s a nice cooling solution.

Worry No More

Worried that someone will steal your personal items while you are in the water? Welcome to the club. How can you really enjoy the water if all you are doing is worrying about your stuff on the beach? No, this has to end. This might sound crazy, but go with me on this. Buy a diaper from a store, and wrap all your personal items in it. No thief would want to steal a used diaper (if only they knew).

Lemons + Sun = Fabulous

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade? No, when life gives you lemons, cut them in half and squeeze them on your hair before hitting the beach. The lemon juice and the sun work together on giving you those natural highlights you have always wanted.

Melt Away

What’s the point in buying Popsicles at the beach if we can’t enjoy them without them dripping everywhere? Problem solved. Buy some cupcake liners and pop your Popsicle stick through it. This will make sure that when it melts it won’t ruin that fabulous bikini of yours.

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