Time-Saving Meal Prep for School!

It’s easy to say that a healthier lifestyle will help our concentration and productivity during school. But is it easy to maintain one when the weekdays are so busy with school chores, after-school activities and more? Meal-prep is my best solution for saving time and eating healthier every day!

Make sure you have enough reusable boxes, mason jars or whatever eco-friendly storage items you choose. Every few days or once a week (like on the weekend), make food for the school days to come and store it in the fridge or freezer.

For breakfast, you can make pancakes or muffins. For snacks, granola bars, energy balls or a nut mixture will do the job. Fruits, cut vegetables or colorful salads are something to give you a natural energy boost too.

You can also meal prep your lunches. This way, all you have to do is heat your food. It’s simple, fast and you already know it’s healthy!

What do you recommend as the ultimate meal-prep? Let us know!

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