The World Under the Sea

Interview with Danielle about Scuba diving

When we think about sports and working out, we think about going out for a run, playing soccer or lifting weights at the gym. All of those things are on dry land. There is a whole world of water sports, and some it is actually in the water, under the surface – “under the sea” like the famous “The Little Mermaid” Disney song.


To learn about scuba diving, we talked to Danielle, a professional 24-year-old scuba-diving instructor. Danielle has dived in the Maldives, South Africa, Israel, Egypt, Thailand and now she’s on her way to scuba-dive in Zanzibar. “Scuba diving is a water sport which involves swimming under the surface of the sea with special equipment that allows you to stay for a while in the water. This is a great sport where you work out and enjoy your special view. The silence under the water is amazing, even better then meditation or yoga, in my opinion.” she says.

Danielle tells us about the beginning of her scuba-diving adventure: “I started diving as a teen. I was always fascinated by the mysterious world under the sea and decided to learn how to dive and explore. I fell in love with this world during the course itself, and knew I wanted to be an instructor to gain more knowledge and confidence.”

“As an instructor, the best feeling in the world is to dive with kids for their first dive ever. The worried-but-fascinated look on their face is priceless,” she shares.

If you are interested in getting to know this world, Danielle recommends reading more, preparing yourself mentally for a new experience and just to GO FOR IT!

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