The Benefits of Outdoor Exercise

Outdoor workouts, not in a gym or your bedroom, can be a structured exercise program that takes advantage of natural surroundings to get you in shape, or it can be as simple as a walk around the block. In one sentence: outdoor exercise can boost the body, mind, and mood! In a few sentences – here are some of the benefits of training outdoors:

There are no membership fees, like in the gym, and you can train whenever you want because you don’t need to wait for opening hours.
• You work out harder when you’re active outdoors because your body is encountering a continually changing environment and needs to adapt to all those fast changes.
• You have cleaner air outside.
• Researchers found that exercising outdoors is associated with less tension, anger and depression, together with greater feelings of increased energy and positivitity.
• Research shows that outdoor exercise near greenery or water can improve self-esteem.
• Meet and talk to your neighbors while walking around your neighborhood. Positive relationships can help improve your mental health as well.
• You get a free daily dose of vitamin D through sunlight.

Sounds amazing, right?! So, the next time it’s a gorgeous day outside, put on your running shoes or take your yoga mat and head off towards the green grass and lovely sunshine!

HERE you can get the best tips for starting working out!

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