The Amazing Story of Jason McElwain

Now and then, we hear a true story that makes us say, “Wow! How come this hasn’t been made into a movie?!” The story of Jason “J-Mac” McElwain is exactly one of them.

Born with autism, McElwain had a passion for basketball and was appointed as the manager of the Greece Athena High School basketball team. At the last game of his senior year, head coach Jim Johnson surprised McElwain with a jersey, allowing him to join the team on the bench and perhaps even play for a few minutes.

With about four minutes left and Greece Athena sitting on a comfortable lead, Coach Johnson called for J-Mac. Though he missed his first two shots, McElwain didn’t miss again, nailing six three-pointers and another deep jumper (a shot from far away) to total 20 quick points. After the final buzzer rang, the crowd dashed onto the court in celebration of the victory.

This is perhaps the No. 1 feel-good story the sports world has to offer us! Do you know what else makes us feel good? Working out outside! Read more about it in The Benefits of Outdoor Exercise.

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