Summer Sports You Have to Try Out!

A lot of people think the summer brings with it just beautiful weather so you can go to the beach and eat ice-cream. But… the summer is much more than that! More things you can find in summer are cool sports that require hot weather, sea and sand.

Here are a few of the special summer sports you have to try out in the upcoming summer:

Paddle Ball – Take as many friends as you want, make sure everyone has a paddle (racquet) and pass the plastic paddleball (the size of a softball) from one player to the other using only the paddles. Try to pass it as many times as you can and from as far away as you can. Why is this a summer sport? Well, the most popular place to play this game is… on the beach!

Sandboarding – This is an extreme sport similar to snowboarding with one difference: you ride on the sand! You go up to the top of a sand dune (a hill made out of sand) and go down on the board standing, sitting or lying down – the choice is yours.

Hanny sandboarding

Skimboarding – With a skimboard (a board smaller than a surfboard) you glide across the water’s surface towards an incoming wave and then ride it back to shore. It’s different from surfing because you start and finish at the shore and not in the sea itself.

Kayaking – A kayak is a low-to-the-water, canoe-like boat where one or two paddlers can sit. Using a double-bladed paddle, you can navigate your kayak wherever you want on the water. You can take it for a nice ride on a quiet lake or make it extreme on a stormy river.

Hanny kayaking

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