Splashing News: We Found the Best Job Ever!

The hottest season is here and we all are looking for a day job during the week, so we can enjoy the weekend or an upcoming vacation. Some people have outsmarted this system (and the hot weather) by finding a job that is actually a long amazing vacation.

The all-inclusive holiday company “First Choice” has one position saved especially for a water slide tester. Yes, you read right – some lucky person gets paid for sliding down water slides all around the world and telling people how it was. If that’s not enough, the company sticks to its definition and the job is all-inclusive. That means that if you work in this job, you don’t pay for the flights, the hotel and of course – the entrances to the water parks are free for you!

So what kind of worker do you need to be to visit the world’s best water parks and rate their slides? You need to be a thrill-seeker, fun-loving, passionate and enthusiastic as well as mad about water parks. Additional job description information has stated that you must be ‘willing to travel’, ‘happy to get wet at work’ and crucially ‘comfortable in swimwear’.

Sounds like something you are up for?

Check out one of the water slide testers in action in this cool video.

This was written by TeenBuzz blogger Hanny, the most adventurous member of our TeenBuzz radio team. She loves traveling as much as she can to experience and learn about different cultures, food, scenery and most of all – the people.    

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