bed tester

Sleep Tight and Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

Do you wish you could lie in bed all day without having to wake up to the sound of an alarm clock? If so, then being a bed tester could be the dream job for you. Every now and then luxury bed companies look to hire a bed tester. You have to be able to lie in different beds (usually designer beds from luxury hotels) for a good few hours and then write about your experience (Ok, so it’s not ONLY curling up into bed). Is it too perfect to be true? Well, the only downside is that it’s usually a temporary job with many applicants applying for the position.

In 2009, Roisin Madigan landed herself the job with a luxury bed company, which supplies beds to the famous five-star hotel, The Savoy. She had to test the beds from 10am-6pm under different conditions, such as: different lighting and temperature, having caffeine or even alcohol before hopping into bed, to see how it can affect a person’s ability to enjoy a nice nap in one of the luxury beds. No room too hot or too bright would keep me away from applying, what about you?

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