Sat Hello to the Special Themes of August

If you follow our fabulous Instagram (and you should!), you probably realize we like to celebrate every day of the year. We aren’t talking about days almost everyone knows, like Father’s Day and New Year’s. The days we celebrate are unique, weird and funny, like Build a Scarecrow Day, Fresh Spinach Day and Don’t Step on a Bee Day.

It’s not only that every day has a reason to celebrate it, even every month has themes for it!

In our Instagram we chose to celebrate Anti-Frizz August, but what else is celebrated this month?

Happiness Happens Month – celebrate what makes you happy.

Inventor’s Month – appreciate how much out-of-the-box thinking and courage went into inventing things.

Also, Romance Awareness Month, Water Quality Month and even Peach Month!

Which idea is your favorite? Let us know!

Here on the TeenBuzz website we celebrate September as “Back to School Month”. Do you want to know what we did for July? Check out the ‘Plastic Free July’ challenge we had!

We are frizz free!

*Frizz happens when static electricity or humidity make our hair stick out and look like it’s out of control.

This was written by TeenBuzz blogger Hanny, the most adventurous member of our TeenBuzz radio team. She loves traveling as much as she can to experience and learn about different cultures, food, scenery and most of all – the people.

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