A Rising Star Among Us

You might have heard of the rising folk and pop star, Grace Vanderwaal.

Who am I kidding? Of course you have!

The now 14-year-old made her debut when she appeared on NBC’s TV show “America’s Got Talent” at only 12 years old. Not only did everyone love her audition (including nearly 78.5 million YouTube viewers at home), but she was also awarded the “Golden Buzzer” (promising her a place at the live shows). She proved to the world that she really was a star just waiting to shine when she was announced the WINNER of the competition, earning herself a big fat $1 million cheque!

In only two short years, Grace has come a long way. In November, she launched her first album “Only the Beginning”, and we are sure that it really is “only the beginning” for this growing star.

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