“Rip Tide” – A Great Movie for a Great Summer

Debby Ryan

There are so many fun ways to pass the hot summer days. Watching a movie is a fantastic way to do it! That’s why we’re here to recommend you a movie to enjoy with your family and friends.

“Rip Tide” is a great movie for the summer! What’s it about? It’s about a New York teen model named Cora (played by Disney star Debby Ryan), who “has it all”. After an embarrassing clip of hers goes viral, she decides to run away. She flies across the world to go and spend the summer with her aunt, who lives on a sunny beach in Australia. So surfing and cute Australian accents are guaranteed! Within a short time, her life changes so much! I won’t ruin the movie for you, I’ll just say that it’s a movie about the value of friendship, family, following your dreams and… of course a love story – because every good story has one 😊 Watch the trailer here and enjoy!

Do you want to recommend us a summer movie too? Let us know!

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