Private Island Caretakers Wanted

Sunbathe, relax, swim with dolphins and live it up! Sounds like the dream, right?

Well, how about if I told you that there are some lucky people out there who get paid to do exactly this?

Private-island owners need to get away too sometimes, (I have no idea where they would go that’s better than where they are…) and they need someone to babysit their island while they are away. Island owners are willing to pay huge sums of money for someone to pack their suitcase and chill on their island for a few months. A few years ago, Tourism Queensland offered $150,000 for a someone to go live on Hamilton Island (a public island in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef) and to report back on any island adventures via weekly blogs, and picture and video updates.

Now, obviously, because you get paid, you do have to get SOME work done. Being good with your hands is something that island owners look for. After all, you will need to survive on an island alone for a while.

Does being an island caretaker sound too good to be true? No, but it is rare! So, if you are up for the adventure, start surfing the web for this perfect job now!

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