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Junk Food with A Healthy Twist

Junk food is a huge craving that most of us try to avoid. We convince ourselves that the calories are not worth it (well, at least we TRY to convince ourselves). But sometimes we need to let ourselves have a little treat. So why not try some junk food with a healthy twist, so that we are still eating what we crave but with less calories.

Onion rings are tasty, but soaked in oil and covered with fattening breadcrumbs and additives. Try making homemade onion rings; you will be surprised how tasty they can be. When making your breading, use whole-wheat breadcrumbs, and instead of frying, bake them. That way they are crispy, but don’t make your fingers all oily!

When you are craving chips to go with your hamburger, why not bake them instead of fry them? Before you put them in the oven just drizzle some olive oil (much healthier than regular oil), season them with some salt and pepper and voila!

We all get lazy at times and feel like just ordering a pizza. But if you make your own pizza at home, you can lower the calories and even have a fun night cooking with your friends. Use whole-wheat flour for the base instead of white, and instead of using normal yellow cheese, which they can have around 30% fat, use low-fat yellow or vegan cheese. Don’t forget to top your pizza off with some of your favourite veggies.

You see, we can still indulge ourselves and get away with it! Bon Appetite!

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