How Selena Gomez Stays Healthy

Since being a star on the Disney Channel, Selena Gomez hasn’t left the spotlight. Being under the spotlight hasn’t been easy 100% of the time for her. She had to deal with some negative comments from the press and social media. Selena chose not to feel bad or give up, she chose to talk about learning to love and accept herself – no matter what.

While traveling the world during her last tour for the album “Revival“, she brought her trainer and fitness expert Amy Rosoff Davis along with her. They both revealed what helps Selena stay healthy in her everyday life and during her travels and performances.

Amy believes a healthy lifestyle starts with building stamina. Interval and circuit training that has cardio and stretching will help build a strong core. With that, something important is always listening to your body – having a balance, so yoga and Pilates are also part of Selena’s workout.

Selena enjoys dancing and listening to music she loves, by Sia and Calvin Harris for example. This is something she does just to enjoy herself, an important value in her healthy lifestyle. Also eating healthy is important because Selena feels it influences her body in a good way and makes her happy.

Above all, Selena’s most recommended advice is Don’t Weigh Yourself. In her opinion, when you have a healthy mind, body, and soul then you are where you need to be.


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