How People Around the World Stay Fit

Just as there isn’t only one right way to workout, there are many ways that are considered the norm to stay fit around the world!

In India, there is a dance fitness program with roots in Indian art called Doonya. It’s much more than just a group exercise class, though. It’s a platform for creating a healthy, happy life through a workout aimed towards all levels of fitness. Food-wise, a greater emphasis is placed on spices, some of which boast many health benefits.

In Japan and Thailand, processed food is not so common. However, beyond that, fermented foods are widely consumed and have great fitness benefits.

Families in Italy, Spain and Portugal eat meals at a table, not while standing or driving, and that leads to mindful eating.

Nicoya (Costa Rica) is known as a “blue zone”— one of the areas of the world where people live the longest. Their diet consists mainly of fresh vegetables with little added salt or sugar.

In the Malaysian culture, people practice the “Garland Pose” – a deep squat pose that the women in Malaysia always sit in to do house chores. If you practice yoga, you might know the pose, which is called “Malasana”.

Which of the above would you like to add to your lifestyle? Share with us now.

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