Get into the Christmas Spirit

Newsflash! Christmas isn’t just for kids. It isn’t just about kids decorating trees and putting cookies and milk out for Santa and hoping that they are on his good list. There are loads of fun Christmassy activities for you guys and girls too! Here are just a few:

Why not bring over some friends (and if you want, invite your folks too) and do a contest where everybody has to stand by a door and wrap it up like a Christmas present, and the first one to have the most Christmassy door, wins!

While your friends are still over at your place, why not play a Christmas guessing game? Get everyone to grab a Christmas stocking and fill it with different things, and in turn, each one has to close their eyes, feel what’s in the stocking and try and guess correctly. Just don’t go putting anything creepy in there!

Don’t forget, part of Christmas is spreading the Christmas spirit, where we all should do something kind to make someone’s Christmas a merry one. So why don’t you take some time from your busy schedule and bring joy to someone that you know could do with a little cheering up, whether it’s a present or to just go by their house and say merry Christmas!

Have yourselves a merry Christmas guys and girls!

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