Designing as a career

Dare To Design

Ashley Qualls began her business in designing Myspace layouts at the age of 14. She didn’t need to rent out her own office, as she just used her basement at home for her new business. She made 70,000 dollars in the first few months and by the age of 17 she had earned over a million dollars. Her alternative millennial magazine website, Whateverlife, had so much potential that someone offered Qualls 1.5 million dollars for it, but Qualls turned it down. Looking back now, that was a smart choice, because by 2007, when Ashley Qualls was only 17 years old, she had made over a million dollars in ad revenue. She even spoiled herself by buying a 250,000 dollar house in cash! Qualls also felt that if she was grown up enough to make millions of dollars and buy her own house, she was also grown up enough to get legal emancipation, which meant that she could have the same legal status as an adult. And that is exactly what she did!

We can only wonder what further success awaits this young entrepreneur and hope that it inspires us to succeed in what we wish to do.

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