Coming Together for Peace

We woke up at midnight, put on our warmest clothes, packed a few snacks and made our way to the bottom of Mount Sinai – ‘Jabal Musa’ (Mountain of Moses), as it is known by the local Egyptians. Why were we there in the first place? We heard about a peace ceremony that was going to be at the top of the mountain, so we just knew we are going to take part in it.

We aimed to get to the top in time for the sunrise. After walking for a while, we were told: “To get to the top, there are only steps from now on. Just 500 of them.” ‘Just 500?!’ we thought. That’s a lot! But we continued, and even got there first.

Sunrise at Mount Sinai

Along the way, we met people that came especially from all around the world: Canada, Kenya, Estonia, Ireland, Brazil… and the list goes on and on. The ceremony itself was beautiful. We sang together, people shared their peace visions, why they organized this ceremony and of course – we enjoyed the mesmerizing desert view.

Hanny in Egypt

This ceremony showed us the power of true will and true love. All you need is to believe in what you do and to know you can achieve whatever you are going for. Just find a few friends who want the same, and work together until you attain your goals.


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