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It’s Not About the Money

When you think about people who have changed the world, names like Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr. and Princess Diana might come to mind. But what if I told…

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Boost Your Mornings

If you clicked on this article, then I am assuming you are NOT a morning person. Having difficulties starting your morning on the right foot? These tips will boost your…

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Help Bees Make a Greener World

Bees are those buzzing, flying creatures that make delicious honey, but we usually avoid them so they don’t hurt us. Do you know where we would be without those little…

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Get Super Healthy with Superfoods

Knowing what to eat can be tricky if you don’t do some research or ask a professional. But, if you take these superfoods (in addition to eating healthy and keeping…

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Go Crazy for Coconuts

Coconuts. I have always loved coconut and am thrilled that they are becoming more and more popular. Some people class coconut as a superfood as it is packed with nutrients,…

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Your Scars Are Beautiful!

“Often times, the world both directly and indirectly Tells us that we shouldn’t be happy with ourselves If we don’t fit certain beauty standards. “Scars to your beautiful” is a…

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How Well do you Keep up with the Kardashians?

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Kelly Clarkson Fights Back after Being Body Shamed

Kelly Clarkson fights back after being body shamed.

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Saving Water – Every Drop Makes a Difference!

Although it seems like we have an endless supply of water, in many places water is scarce. Even where water is plentiful, saving as much water as possible is important…

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“Is It Too Late Now to Know Justin?”

It is never too late to get our hands on more facts about Justin Bieber, do you agree? Did you know that Justin was discovered at the age of fourteen…

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