ecological bamboo straws

“A Plastic Straw? No Thanks!” – A Small Step to Help the Environment

Something big is happening in South Africa! Something so big, it involves teeny tiny everyday items – the plastic straws we all use on a regular basis.

So, what’s wrong with straws? Actually, it’s the plastic that is problematic – a plastic bottle takes up to 700 years to break down; a plastic bag can take up to 1,000 years and even straws take 200 years to break down.

In fact, plastic never breaks down completely, it only breaks down into micro plastic pieces; this means that plastic never really disappears, it only breaks down into smaller and smaller bits of plastic. This is actually never-ending trash!

Because micro-plastic ends up in the ocean or in rivers (that a lot of the time, ultimately lead to the ocean), they are consumed by marine life, and more often lead to their death. That’s why people are moving towards a plastic-free world. In South Africa they joined 193 UN countries in a no-straw movement.

A lot of people in South Africa already have their own reusable straws made of glass, stainless steel or copper. Restaurants are offering plastic-free straw alternatives made from bamboo or carton, and even better – some don’t offer straws at all.

ecological bamboo straws
ecological bamboo straws

That’s not all! There are more ideas for eco-friendly straws. The famous Kardashian girl Khloe joined the no-straws movement and even came up with the perfect hack:  pasta straws!

Which plastic straw alternative will you choose?

Do you have a new idea for one? Share with us!


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