A Healthy Day Starts in the Morning

For a lot of us, weekday mornings are the most stressful moments of the day, some would even say the craziest: getting out of bed, getting dressed (and choosing what to wear!), grabbing something to eat, not having enough time to make food for the day and rushing for the bus or wherever you need to be on time.

Establishing a healthy morning routine is a very important thing because the morning can set the tone for our whole day! It’s not easy for all, but it’s a challenge that is rewarding in many ways. When you truly have a good morning, you’ll have a good day. It’s the same with a healthy morning, so if you want, try to think about what you can change so you’ll be less stressful and healthier.

What do I recommend?

  • Before getting out of bed, make it your intention to have a good & healthy day.
  • Listen to music you like throughout the morning.
  • Prepare your clothes and healthy meals with snacks the day before (for the advanced: prep on Sunday for the whole week!).
  • Make sure you have time for a calm and healthy breakfast.
  • Smile ?

I don’t believe there is “a bad day”, I believe sometimes we just walk around with a bad feeling and that affects the way we think and do things. Try out these recommendations, avoid that bad feeling and let me know how it’s going!


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