Healthy Veggies you can grow!

5 Vegetables you can Buy Once and Grow Forever

Two of my favorite things (after traveling) are gardening and enjoying a good fresh salad. If I can combine the two of them, you will find me smiling nonstop for the whole day. Fortunately, there are so many vegetables we can buy once, plant and use for the rest of our lives. Just remember to make sure they are watered every day.

  1. Sweet-Potato (Yams)

This one is so easy! You take the sweet potato and plant it in soil with the narrow part as the bottom part. Besides having cute sweet potatoes in the soil after a few months, this is also a beautiful climbing plant!

  1. Celery and Lettuce

Use the leaves but leave 2 inches (5 CM) from the bottom. Put in 1 inch of water for a week and then move to soil, leave the top of it exposed.

  1. Green Onion

The same process as the lettuce and Celery, only the green onion can stay in water forever if you prefer. Just remember to change the water every week or two.

  1. Onion

This is for white or red onion: leave a square of it that includes the top of it – the part with the small dry rotes. Plant this part straight in the soil with the rotes facing – you guessed it right – down.

  1. Tomato

Did you know that tomatoes are actually a fruit? The main thing is you can regrow them! Take the inside part, the jelly-like part with the seeds, and plant it in soil. This would work too with cherry tomatoes!

So now that we have the best fresh salad ever, any recommendations for the best salad dressing?


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