geeks rule

Weird is the New Normal

Think you are different from others and don’t fit in? EMBRACE IT!

Geeks are cool!

And who better to give an example than the creator of Facebook,  Mark Zuckerberg. Did you know that Mark Zuckerberg is now worth over 68.5 billion dollars? Think of how much shopping you can do with that kind of money! And it is all because he embraced his passion for technology and decided to run the risk of being made fun of or told that he couldn’t succeed, and did it! Can you imagine where we would be today without Facebook? Let alone the internet and technology. Where would we be today without Google? Thanks to Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founders of Google, we will never need to find out. These are just two of the many geeks that have made a HUGE difference to our lives. What about the creators of the Internet? Microsoft? Wikipedia? Napster? Bit Torrent (the free movie downloading revolution)? Think about it. They are all part of geekdom (yes, that is a word: The kingdom of geeks!)

So if anyone has a problem with your geekiness, you just tell them that they might as well delete their Facebook account and cancel their Netflix subscription.


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