wonder woman

We Are All Superheroes

It’s about time a female hero took the spotlight.

Who doesn’t know Wonder Woman? She is the icon for girl power, showing girls everywhere that they can be independent and certainly don’t need to be the damsel in distress. But wait a minute! She is not only a role model for girls, but for everyone! She teaches us all some life lessons worth knowing. So listen up.

Wonder Woman spreads the importance of leadership across the world and proves that we don’t need a hero to save us. Leadership is key to success, so don’t be a follower.

Ah, the lasso of truth. Wonder Woman uses her lasso so that people will have to tell the truth. So what’s the lesson? The truth is going to come out eventually, so you might as well be honest from the get go.

If Wonder Woman can show us the way, then we can too. You don’t need to change the world to make a difference, but if you just become a role model for one person, it sure will make a difference for them, and that is a great accomplishment.

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