The Healing Power of Plants

What do you do when you are sick? Well, you probably drink a lot of tea and go to the doctor. Would you believe me if I tell you that there is doctor that takes care of people only using plants? No pills, no injections or scary vaccinations – only plants!

You can find this special doctor in Sinai, Egypt. He lives inside a big beautiful garden. Every day he walks through his garden, taking care of the plants and picking some for his medicines. Some of them he ties up to dry, some of them he crushes and squeezes into ointments and powders. And … out of some he makes… purple tea!

The thing is, this is not the kind of tea you drink at home when you are sick. This is the kind of tea you drink to prevent yourself from getting sick. The doctor makes it out of the hibiscus plant and serves it to whoever comes to his clinic.

Magic grows here!
The special garden of the Sinai Dr

The doctor takes care of people from all around the world and even has regular patients who travel 12 hours each way to see him! Every patient gets whatever kind of medicine they need, of course only from plants. However, the doctor says that some of them don’t even need medicine; all they need is just someone to listen to their problems, and that makes everything better.




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