Teen world sports

Teen World Sports

Teen World Sports

Sports are a great way to get with friends, let loose and release all that energy you have. It is also a great way to improve teamwork and a safe way to compete for children. Sports help you develop work ethic, fitness and your skills in that sport. There are many sports to choose from, but I am going to give you the top five youth sports.


Leading the way at number one is basketball. Basketball is the most popular sport among girls, with around 500,000 female participants in high school. Basketball is a great sport to get your body in shape, as you are continuously moving on the court. It also works on your strategy skills, getting your brain to think at a fast pace on where to pass the ball, how, and to whom.


Baseball comes in second place. Did you know that baseball played at a very young age is called Tee Ball? Unlike basketball which is usually played in a court, baseball is an outside sport; so you get to look forward to some nice fresh air.

American Football

American football drops to third place. Although it is a sport that can be dangerous and cause serious physical injuries, it is a great example of a disciplined sport. You must maintain focus and always be prepared for surprises to come running at you on the field. According to football history, even weak groups managed to beat their opponent; this shows what will power can really do.


Soccer comes in fourth place. This is quite surprising, seeing that soccer is a huge hit on TV everywhere in the world and has a world cup competition every four years that gathers around 3.2 billion people around their TV’s. Soccer helps maintain a fit lifestyle and teaches you discipline and the skills needed to excel.

Track and Field

Rounding up our top five is outdoor track and field. This sport gives you the ability to either work in a team or go solo. And unlike many other sports, track and field doesn’t only deal with one kind of sport; you can compete in sprinting, throwing, jumping and many more.

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