Jessica Alba Maintains her Beauty in a Healthy and Honest Way

Not long ago, we talked about how being healthy is not all about food. Remember how even shampoo can be considered healthy? There is more to it!

Here is where the actress and model Jessica Alba comes into the picture. In 2012, inspired by the birth of her first child, Jessica created a company that provided an alternative to products containing ingredients such as petrochemicals and synthetic fragrances. “Honest Beauty” is the name of her beauty line and throughout the years, it has been awarded several “Best of Beauty” Awards.

On the website, you can find makeup, skin-care and hair-care products free of parabens, mineral oil and a lot more things you just don’t want on your skin. Besides that, Honest Beauty products are not tested on animals. Hurray!

The website is not all about healthy beauty products. You can find a whole section on health and wellness that includes cool articles like “3 Step Detox Routine”, “Tips Based on the Different Seasons of the Year”, “Foods For Glowing Skin” and “Healthy Snack Hacks”.

Jessica shares that her Magic Beauty Balm (made of chamomile and jojoba seed oil) is her favorite product, and therefore it’s always in her bag.

So, this is the healthy lifestyle of Jessica Alba. Do you want to know what Selena Gomez’s healthy lifestyle looks like? Check it out here.


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