Best Guidelines for Going Vegan

Becoming vegetarian or vegan is more than just a diet option not to consume or use any animal products. It’s saying you care for the environment and you want to make an ethical & ecological change. Going vegan can be a great and healthy option if you follow a few easy guidelines. Here are the most important things you need to know when becoming vegan:

Make conscious decisions – adopting a new lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight. You can choose a few things to change at a time. Plan whenever possible (like meal-prep) to set yourself up for success. Remember to listen to your body – pay attention to which food gives you energy, and what makes you feel sleepy. It’s also connected to when and how much you eat. With time, you will learn to get in touch with and listen to your body.

Look for cruelty-free symbols – before purchasing any beauty or home care products, look for a cruelty-free logo to ensure that animals weren’t hurt while making them.

Have a well-balanced diet – plan a healthy diet that incorporates all essential nutrients you need. Make sure you talk to a health or nutrition professional to make sure you get all your nutritional needs (like vitamins, protein, minerals and more).

Find vegan recipes for your favorite food – being vegan is entering a world of wonderful foods that Mother Earth provides us. Use vegan recipes and make some of your own. Remember to share them with your friends!

Whatever lifestyle you choose – 100% vegan, part-time vegetarian or something else, remember Benaya’s words in the song “Choice”: “You’ve got a choice. You choose with love”.

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This was written by TeenBuzz blogger Hanny, the most adventurous member of our TeenBuzz radio team. She loves traveling as much as she can to experience and learn about different cultures, food, scenery and most of all – the people.

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